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amica ach6420fr 60cm 4 zone ceramic hob
The ACH6420FR four zone ceramic hob has front touch control with a red LED display and 9 power levels, along with many safety features including a temperature limiter and a time limit security system. The ACH6420FR has an easy clean stylish black frameless glass for quick maintenance.
amica ach6449fr 60cm 4 zone ceramic hob
The ACH6440FR is a four zone ceramic hob with front touch control and 9 power levels. The hob has an easy clean black frameless glass for quick maintenance and residual heat indicators for extra peace of mind. The ACH6440FR has 2 dual zones for flexible cooking along with safety features that include: overflow detection, overheat detection and a temperature limiter.
cda hc6212fr ceramic hob
4 zone ceramic hob, Side control, 6 power levels
cda hc6312fr ceramic hob front control
Cda HC6312FR Ceramic Hob Front Control
Cda HC9621 90cm Ceramic hob
matrix mhc101fr  60cm four zone ceramic hob
The Matrix MHC101FR is a four zone ceramic hob on black frameless glass. The hob has 6 power levels with an easy clean surface and residual heat indicators alerting you to when the hob is too hot to touch.